Fruene Haugestad




Fruene Haugestad is a banquet hall in Lier, Norway with possibilities for conferences for companies, weddings, memorials or more.

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Fruene Haugestad has been in the municipality of Lier for more than 100 years, the construction was completed in 1907 and the premises has several functions and activities. Town Hall, Cinema, concert premises, libraries, company conferences, meetings, theater, exhibitions, wedings and more.

At Fruene Haugestad there are many rooms - and many possibilities.

Fruene Haugestad  has many different menus full of temptations. Fruene Haugestad  in Lier has the same owners as Condelica in Drammen. All fresh delicacies, exciting menus and wonderful cakes from here can also be enjoyed at Fruene Haugestad.

Conference, course, seminar, or meeting?Or a lunch? Fruene Haugestad offers

premises and services adapted to your needs. Whether you are 4 or 120 people, whether it's a short meeting or a day-to-day event, Fruene Haugestad will deliver everything you need. Your guests will have professional treatment and tasty food in pleasant premises.

Fruene Haugestad has more than 100-year history commits. Contact Fruene Haugestad for your event. Fruene Haugestad takes pride in continuing the tradition of delicious homemade food served with a smile!

Retirees, confirmations, weddings, celebrations, memorials or business dinners. Just find your reason to contact to Fruene Haugestad. The cozy rooms are suitable for every occasion.

Fruene Haugestad provides menus and suggestions of what our reputable kitchen can provide with homemade and tasty dishes. At Fruene Haugestad you will find both traditional and new exciting suggestions. The food is prepared with the best ingredients, often obtained from Lier. And as always - served with a smile!


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