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Hemfixarna is a construction company in Gothenburg, who takes on assignments from customers in Mölndal and surroundings

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Hemfixarna assignments range from small projects, which are completed on a day to small larger projects, requiring a little more resources. Before initiating a project, they usually discuss how the project is supposed to expire. This minimizes the risk that they need to make major changes during the project's implementation.

An important aspect is that all Hemfixarna customers feel that they can rely on them. Hemfixarna therefore always guarantee that customers can always decide whether or not to complete a construction project. 

Hemfixarna never end a project that the customer is not completely satisfied with.

If something is unclear, just contact Hemfixarna. It's both good to call or just send an email.

Welcome to Hemfixarna in Gothenburg!

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