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Anton has 15 years of experience working in restaurants, catering and events and now it's his turn to celebrate other people's parties and gatherings.

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Aasker is a small restaurant and café on the edge of the tivedskogen with conference facilities and really well cooked food. In an incredibly quiet and pleasant environment away from today's stress and the hustle, you can just sit and enjoy and relax. It is a bit remote but well worth a visit.

Aasker offers catering for all sorts of gatherings.

Aasker works throughout Sweden with its starting point in Skaraborg in western gotaland county.

Everything from a simple lunch box to more advanced cooking courses and dietary advice.

Aasker's idea is to be able to serve well-stocked foods at great prices that hold incredibly high quality and also to keep in cooking courses to convey their knowledge. To something very special.

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