JJs Bilbargning


JJs-Falk carries both cars in traffic and cars that are going to scrap. Has access to a busy tire shop 24 hours a day.

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JJs Bilbärgning carries out road assistance and salvage in Stenungsund and Bohuslan.&nbspJJ Bilbärgning carries most types of vehicles.They can also help with transportation.

JJs Bilbärgning Insurance staff have long and wide experience of all sorts of salvage.Those at JJs Bilbärgning work continuously to maintain and improve their skills and expand their expertise as they expand and face new challenges. JJs Bilbärgning.

JJs Bilbärgning Repair is affiliated with Falck Rescue Corps with its hundreds of salvage stations

From south to north. Falck is nationwide when you need road assistance. They are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

JJs Bilbärgning Insurance goal is to make you feel well cared for and safe when what can not happen anyway. JJs Bilbärgning Insurance-Falck always tries to be in place with you as quickly as possible. They are always available and ready to help.They take responsibility, are initiators and do the job quickly with dedication when people need their help.

JJs Bilbärgning-Falck gives you a safer everyday life.

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