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Vallentuna-Bygg-Västra is based in Vallentuna, north of Stockholm, and is active in the Greater Stockholm area.Vallentuna-Bygg-Västra's team specializes in everything in house and villa buildings, from the drawing board to the complete design, interior as an exterior.Vallentuna-Bygg-Västra builds in consultation and with great consideration for the wishes of the builder, but also in harmony with nature.
Vallentuna-Bygg-Västra capacity includes (but is not limited to) new construction, extension and restoration of older buildings - as both expertise and imagination are required to mix new and old construction technology. Detailed demanding jobs like kitchen, bathroom, terrace and pool facility focusing on tiling are a favorite.
Construction master with 40 years of experience, engineer and designer, as well as artistic thinking that manages the old proven methods in construction, most of the time. Vallentuna-Bygg-Västra also performs static calculations - (strength calculations)

Vallentuna-Bygg-Västra is collaborating with Architects in both the building and the garden.


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