Burträsk Värdshus

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Welcome to Burtrask Vardshus which is the "heart" of the village where there is a diversity of small businesses

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Burtrask Vardshus is the "heart" of the village where there is a diversity of small businesses. Here you will find scenic surroundings with the opportunity for visitors to fish, hike, canoe or, if you want, view beautiful gardens. But for many Swedes, perhaps the place     "Burtrask Vardshus" is known just because of the production of Västerbotten cheese.

That both the town and the village are pervaded by the small dairy that produces Sweden's most famous cheese in its genre, it can be seen from everything from big dairy farmers to the dairy business. Burtrask Vardshus is therefore proud to offer something that the whole village is proud of:

Burtrask Vardshus vision is that will offer both loyal customers and visitors on transit, good food inspired by Västerbotten cheese, café, cheese shop in a lovely inn environment and good accommodation at affordable prices.


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