Frequently Asked Questions


Gloocall is a social platform where you can easily request for any product or service and get the best customized offers worldwide.
It's totally free to join and make requests.
When your company has passed accreditation process and the profile is activated on the Gloocall web and App, you can choose to claim requests (jobs) in our global platform. Your company can also add deals (discount codes, subscription or products), Events and open positions in your company to be accessed by our Gloocallists around the world.
The cost of the membership depends on the geographic area you can cover combined with type and amount of the jobs (Private/Commercial) your company can manage. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you thru this process and offer you a customized package.


Deals are created by the companies connected to Gloocall and can be devided in following types: Discount Codes, Subscriptions, Product deals and Service deals.
You can claim your discount code in Gloocall App. Get your discount by either showing it when you visit the physical store or buy a product online using the code.
Among Gloocall Deals in the App, you can find a great discount for a specific subscription (online service, newspaper etc) and by visiting the link provided you can subscribe with the shown discount directly.
Gloocall App is also a global marketplace where you can find discounted products and services from different providers around the world. When you buy the product or a service with your credit card, you will recieve a confirmation email and your order is processed by the provider of the product or service.


Companies in Gloocall can either create an public or Invitation only event in the platform. You can check My Events in the App to see which events you have been invited to.
Your friend may have been more active and by gaining more Gloocoins reached a higher user level. Exclusive events are only seen by Gold or Platina users.