Allcot Group is an international, renewables-focused company that develops sustainable energy, and forestry projects, and trades carbon credits in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the U.S., and Latin America.




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Allcot Group is an international, renewables-focused company that develops sustainable energy,  forestry projects and trades carbon credits in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the U.S., and Latin America. Allcot has the roots in the compliance carbon market provide a strong foundation on which we have built a robust service offering a wide range of environmental and sustainability services whereby the clients can take advantage of a strong and motivated team that is able to deliver innovative solutions. For project development, the Allcot Group combines its finance and project development experience with a proven track record in carbon offset trading to maximize the risk-adjusted revenue potential in all of its undertakings. The innovative approach enables Allcot to develop creative, long-term sustainability partnerships. The clients come from a variety of commercial sectors, such as tourism, sport, fashion and manufacturing who believe in engaging their stakeholders as a strategic business sustainability tool. The award winning sustainability programs of Allcot enable companies a clear roadmap to incorporating sustainable business practices in their operations without high financial or structural intervention.

Sustainability Solutions

All businesses use valuable resources and generate carbon emissions and waste. Every activity contributes and has a cost. In measuring these outputs we can monitor them, and in doing so reduce them and save money. Even the most modern energy efficiency equipment can rarely eradicate carbon emissions. To make up for these, businesses can participate in carbon offsetting programs to eliminate these emissions and become carbon neutral. Today, businesses of all sizes are incorporating energy and water reduction programs to save costs. Allcot's turnkey sustainability solutions can generate profits while providing a credible programme that adheres to international standards. The services are divided into several sub sections that are combined for maximum effect based on the client's needs: - Carbon footprint measurement - Emissions reduction - Emissions offsetting - Water consumption - Waste management - Environmental initiative communications

Carbon Finance

As a carbon project developer Allcot realize the importance in the deployment of the sales phase of project management. In short, securing the economic incentives of project development, monetization. The primary role of Allcot is to maximize the visibility of the project through marketing activities and to bring the project to market in a sustainable fashion and through the right channels to augment the economic and marketing value.

Carbon Portfolio Management and Trading

Allcot Group has evolved from a strong background in the compliance markets and remain an active participant since 2009.  To support the commitment to working in the compliance markets, Allcot is a member of International Emission Trading Association (IETA) and the Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA). Disciplined investment process and a solid risk management framework provides net worth to Allcot's counterparts who would prefer to see their assets work for them rather than have valuable compliance carbon assets idle and non-productive.

Allcot Project Consulting and Development

Beyond transaction services in both the Voluntary and Compliance Carbon Markets, Allcot leverages its experience in the entire value chain, starting from project evaluation and development through to carbon credit monetization. In the carbon market, projects can be registered in one of several competing standards, each with its unique nuances so it is increasingly important in the early project development cycle to thoroughly evaluate which standard or additional certification is the best fit for the project in terms of invested time and resources, while providing sufficient marketability and financial incentives to the project owner.

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