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New El Stockholm focus areas are Electric Car Charging, LED Lighting, Modern Energy Sources (Solar Cells, Water collectors, etc.) and Smart Home.



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New El Stockholm think that the world needs to be fossil free. Decisions are taken and it is based on reducing energy intake and eliminating CO2 emissions. Many components like electric cars, solar cells, LED lighting, smart control and control functions, etc. already exists today. These and many other components must be able to be installed and work in real, not always completely modern, environments and contexts.

The name New El Stockholm came because the owners thought it was time for a change. 

Like many other industries, the electricity market is developing rapidly.

Therefore, they thought it was time to start New El Stockholm Electrical installations 2.0

New El Stockholm aims is to be at the new trend in the market.

New El Stockholm has the following focus areas: Electric Car Charging, LED Lighting, Modern Energy Sources (Solar Cells, Watercollectors, etc.) and Smart Home but also do normal electrical work as they are electricians.

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