Di-Ma's satisfied Customers Guarantee seems to stimulate staff in their professional activities and feel personal responsibility for a well-executed assignment.

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Di-Ma's appear to be a flat organizational model that leads responsibility and decision-making in the organization and allocates their "own" responsibilities to the staff. Responsibility, dedication and accuracy pervade our business and are aspects that are part of each individual mission.

Di-Ma's organization consists of committed and talented employees. Their supervisors lead and distribute the work as well as introductory trainers on site at the customer's premises. Local care practitioners perform their duties according to the instruction manual. Team leaders are responsible for their group in larger workplaces.

All contacts with Di-Ma's should be perceived as welcoming and quality enhancing. The work is performed in such a way that both staff and visitors at the customer experience the results as clean and well-maintained.Their goal is that Di-Ma's staff should always be perceived as professional, friendly, service-oriented and responsible for all at all workplaces.Corporate management supports and develops operations, CEO is ultimately responsible.